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Preparation:  it is not just about money

As you begin the journey to adoption or foster care, consider preparing your hearts as you wait.


Ask your agency for resources available to prepare your family.

We also recommend these resources from Christian ministries:

  • Loving Shepherd’s Adoption Assessment Forms
  • Hope for Orphans’ If You Were Mine, 7-part adoption exploration workshop used by hundreds of churches and thousands of families investigating adoption from a biblical and practical perspective.

Group studies

Consider reading and/or leading a Created to Connect study along with reading The Connected Child book.



DVD’s and videos

Conferences and training opportunities

Michael and KarlaThank you so much!  We cannot thank Lifesong enough for helping us get our kids home and now for helping put tools in our hands to parent them and lead them to wholeness.

–Michael & Karla, Adoptive Parents & Empowered to Connect Conference Scholarship Family

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Consider starting groups – for couples / mom’s / dad’s – for prayer, fellowship, fund raising

Tax Credit Info

Research information on the Federal Adoption Tax Credit & State Tax Credits. Click here for a free, downloadable tax credit resource from Adoption Learning Partners  that will help adoptive families determine their eligibility for the adoption tax credit. (Click Here to Register)

To learn about other courses available through Adoption Learning Partners, visit their website at


Try to find older adoptive parents/older parents to mentor and encourage your family.

Orphan Sunday

Consider taking part in the National Orphan Sunday movement!

As you progress through your journey and bring your children home, consider post-adoption resource groups and how you can help with training , equipping, and supporting other adoptive families.

The Financial Barrier

  • Be intentional about Fund Raising – Both Hands projects, Events, Sales, Community – schools and libraries can all be beneficial to raising funds for your adoption.
  • Hesitant to fundraise? Listen in to an adoptive couple’s fundraising journey. Learn More >>
  • Apply for adoption grants, loans, and scholarships. (See Resource Report)

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Helpful web links

CAFOEmpowered to ConnectTapestry

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Please also consider the following:

  • Children need time to heal and adjust after adoption – change is necessary on many levels
  • Parents must be the primary agents of that change and therefore must be trained adequately both before and after the adoption is completed
  • Leading / serving in an adoption ministry will be demanding on many levels. We strongly recommend that couples work together in the ministry for the wellbeing of the couple, family and ministry.

Additional Resources

  • — Ministry of Focus on the Family offering Free Post Adoption Phone Line, FREE service for adoptive families! The phone number is 800-A-FAMILY (232-6459) and is staffed Mon – Fri from 8am – 10pm EST by counselors who have been trained by Dr. Karyn Purvis.
  • Journey To Me — Free online journal where pictures and messages can be captured on CD to treasure as a keepsake.
  • —  Non-profit organization providing you with the latest in Adoption Grant Resources, Adoption Education and more.
  • — a comprehensive go-to site for adoptive parents, featuring a step-by-step adoption funding checklist, financial worksheets, a grant matrix (with over 80 adoption grants!), and several other organizational tools.

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