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May 2, 2014

Both Hands Project Raises over $23,000! {Family Friday}

I continue to be amazed at the active faith I see in our adoptive families. Listen in to Justin & Sarah, who started their adoption process with little money, but were determined to follow God’s call. Special thanks to our friends at Both Hands Foundation for helping this family as they raised money for TWO adoption while ministering to a widow in need… We applied for any support available from Lifesong for Orphans after hearing about the organization from friends at our church who had a Both Hands projects years before.  We got approval for the Both Hands project and ended up raising over $23,000!  When we started the process of adoption, I was still in college and my husband was the sole income provider. We had $100 in our bank account and accepted the call to adopt on faith that somehow the Lord would bring the money. It was because … Continue reading

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March 28, 2014

An Overwhelming Peace {Family Friday}

Thanks for joining us for another Family Friday featuring Preston and Jennifer and their journey to their daughter. With the help of Both Hands Foundation, they were able to raise the funds to bring Anna into their forever family. Read their journey… We were blessed beyond what we could have imagined through our Both Hands project. We knew little about this unique fundraising option when we began our adoption journey, but when we heard about it, we knew it sounded like something we wanted to do. A former friend and co-worker of Jennifer’s had recently passed away after a long illness, leaving her husband with lots of needed updates and repair work around the house. Since John had spent so many years caring for his wife, things around the house and yard had been neglected. We had an overwhelming outpouring of support from our friends who made up our work team, … Continue reading

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March 7, 2014

Beyond Adoption {Family Friday}

Welcome to this week’s Family Friday! Listen in as 4-time adoptive parents, Michael and Sarah, share a portion of their journey. With the help of Both Hands Foundation and Lifesong Legacy Loans, they were able to bring their three girls home! What I especially love about this family is that their ministry didn’t stop at adoption. Michael & Sarah are also involved in making an impact for the children of Ethiopia who are not yet adopted or who may never be. Listen in… It has been such a blessing to work with Lifesong over the past four years. We received a matching grant when we adopted our son in 2010, and an interest-free loan when we adopted our girls in 2013. We also completed a Both Hands project for our second adoption. While we were in Ethiopia, we had the opportunity to visit the schools in Ziway and Adami Tulu. We are extremely thankful, … Continue reading

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December 28, 2012

Against the Odds // Family Friday

Robert & Mary, Lifesong/Both Hands adoptive family, gave us a glimpse into God’s provision through their adoption of their three children from Ethiopia – Habiba (12), Fetya (8), and Abebaw (4). When it seemed like circumstances were ‘impossible’, God worked in His profound way against the odds, painting an unforgettable picture of adoption for Robert & Mary. To learn more about Lifesong’s Adoption Funding, visit our website here. We were very blessed to have Lifesong as part of our adoption story. We so appreciated seeing the church (& others) mobilized in response to orphans and were very humbled they would choose our specific family to be part of loving. Lifesong offered us a great opportunity for our family & friends to get involved and we loved Lifesong’s encouragement to us. We obviously were very practically assisted by the finances, but we are such big fans of the whole Both Hands Project. We hope it becomes a … Continue reading

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December 14, 2012

Both Hands Project Creates Lasting Friendship // Family Friday

About a year ago, Scott, Becky and a group of their friends worked on a widow’s home for a day as they raised money through Lifesong and Both Hands to bring their daughter Molly home from China. Kelly, the widow they served, and her daughter Tori Rose, lost their husband & father seven years ago. Check out their video from last year… Now, a year later, Molly is finally home and we were excited to receive Becky’s email this week showing how their relationship with Kelly and her daughter has only grown in the past year… I just wanted to share a few precious pictures of Kelly & Tori Rose with our family.  It’s been a year since we did our Both Hands project and we are still great friends with Kelly & Tori Rose!  God joined our two families together in a beautiful way!  The last picture is a … Continue reading

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