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October 17, 2014

“The EXACT amount we needed” {Family Friday}

We wanted to write and share our story as well as thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant that you provided to our family. We run a ministry full time and because of that, did not have the resources to adopt. However, we felt the Lord calling us to adopt and because He had taught us to make “every decision in light of HIS WILL and NOT the financial barrier”, we decided to step out in faith, trusting He would make a way somehow. A fews year before, we had adopted, but at that time my husband made a good salary and we were able to pay for our adoption in full. I would share with people who would comment that if it weren’t for the financial barrier they would adopt about how money shouldn’t be a reason not to adopt because “God would provide”. Though I … Continue reading

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October 10, 2014

Celebrating Olivia’s “Referralversary” {Family Friday}

Two years ago we got “the call” or in our case the e-mail… After a night without sleep and a morning full of tears, we finally saw our daughter’s face.  Today, I had to actually look back on the blog to make sure it had only been two years since we got that email.  It truly seems like forever that Olivia has been ours. Olivia and I celebrated her special day with a trip to our favorite “Target” where mommy caved and bought her a bunny who drinks from a bottle.  (we applaud any form of nurturing here since that doesn’t come naturally to our sweetie).  She may have also indulged in a blue slushie and popcorn before we met daddy for a noodle lunch (shhhhh…..) I am not one to get overly emotional but, over lunch as Brad and I talked about how far our baby girl has come, the magnitude … Continue reading

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October 8, 2014

Orphans to Sons & Daughters {Adoption Fund Testimony}

Karis Adoption Fund, based in Bethany, Oklahoma, started with heart to help change orphans to sons and daughters. They seek to do this through helping adoptive families financially in their journeys to bring children into their forever families. WATCH their video below to learn more of their heart and the souls they have impacted…  Since inception, Karis Adoption Fund has given away and committed almost $60,000 in adoption funding to 15 families as they bring 19 children into their families. It is our joy to partner with ministries like Karis Adoption Fund who are actively reflecting our Heavenly Father, who adopts each us into His forever family.  To learn more about Karis Adoption Fund, visit: Interested in started an Adoption Fund in your church? Learn how at

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September 26, 2014

“God blew our minds!” {Family Friday}

Adoption is a miracle.  Truly.  That God would choose us, love us, pursue us, and rescue us when we were his enemy is beyond comprehension.  And then, He calls us His own.  We get to be His kids.  We have the same inheritance as His son, Jesus.  We are co-heirs.  He takes us into His family with all the sin, shame, and yukky-ness of our past.  We get adopted.  And then He loves us through to the end.  We never get abandoned again.  We have a loving, kind, and gracious father. And in God’s great plan, He then lets US be a part of adopting.  It is miraculous.  Only by His supernatural power can we love.  It is through this supernatural power that the Lord led our family to adopt.  We brought home our first miracle from India in 2010 at the age of 3 years old.  Priya Grace Mathew.  … Continue reading

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September 19, 2014

“God created us to be parents.” {Family Friday}

We struggled with infertility for over three years before we began our adoption journey.  Despite our struggles we knew without a doubt that God had created us to be parents.  In the midst of these challenges, we realized that God had better plans for our family – plans to build our family through adoption. Adoption has always been a part of our lives through family and friends who have adopted. Prior to adopting our son, Forrest, we were able to see the many blessings that come through adoption through these family members and friends. As we began praying about adoption we quickly realized that was God’s perfect plan for our family.  It was almost 2 years after we began the process that our precious son was born. Over those 2 years we experienced many highs and lows, hopes and disappointments, joys and sorrows.  But, throughout the process we knew God … Continue reading

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September 3, 2014

Giving It All Away {Adoption Fund Testimony}

Houston’s First Baptist Church is an amazing church that believes in “giving away” their resources for Kingdom purposes.  Read how Legacy685 started with humble beginnings but has grown to see over $620,000 in donations as their ministry leader Steve Klein shares… “A Father to the fatherless is God in His Holy habitation, He sets the lonely in families.”  Psalm 68:5-6a This is the verse of Legacy685 that reminds us that God provides the financial resources for families desiring to adopt and through His provision, brings a completeness to a family. When Legacy685 began in 2008, the leadership team knew the financial cost of adoption was one of the largest barriers for families. We wanted this ministry to help remove that barrier so children would be placed in loving Christian homes permanently. Knowing this and knowing a ministry just getting started did not have much in the way of financial resources to … Continue reading

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July 18, 2014

God’s Bigger & Better Plan {Family Friday}

Do you have the next week planned out? What about the next month or year? No matter how much we plan and prepare, God’s way always wins, doesn’t it? Listen in this week as Michael & Cindy talk about how God changed their families “plan”, showing them the better way. Special shout out to Karis Adoption Fund who partnered with this family for their adoption funding. Read along…  Our first adoption was an amazing experience and we planned to adopt more after waiting a few years, but God’s plans are always different from our own. Before our son turned two years old, I found out I was pregnant. We have one biological daughter, but doctors had deemed her a miracle child and told us that modern medicine “probably wouldn’t help” in our case. So we thanked God for this gift! Unfortunately, we lost the baby after 10 weeks. We were … Continue reading

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