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July 2, 2014

7 Memory Verses About the Fatherless

With school out, homework and spelling tests probably feel like a distant memory. Take advantage of the free time (& brain space!) to commit Bible verses to memory with your kids. Scripture memory is a great activity to do as a family to continue instilling truth into hearts, allowing God’s word to be a light for our path. Practice around the table, before you go to bed and quizzes throughout the day. Get really creative and make a family chart with each member of the family getting a column (Mom & Dad, you too!). When a verse is committed to memory, give a sticker or mark a check. At the end of a summer, have a special surprise or family outing to celebrate! Here are a few to start you out. Learning and putting scripture to memory are excellent teaching opportunities to share God’s character and truth. This summer, commit … Continue reading

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