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October 2, 2017

A Powerful Story of Redemption for a Little Girl | Cambodia Update

Four-year-old Mary was not always named “Mary.”  Her given name literally meant “devil” when she and her brother were found by Lifesong staff in Cambodia six months ago, a telling description of the struggle within Mary’s family. But no child escapes God’s care, and our Heavenly Father had big plans to rescue Mary from the grasp of the Enemy and place her safely in the love and care of people who understand their own redemption as sons and daughters of God. Sponsors like you quickly stepped forward to help provide Mary with healthy meals, proper clothing, and a safe place in which to grow, learn, and play. And in response to this Gospel love and provision, Mary transformed from a quiet, sad child to a bright and lively little girl. Many children in the sponsorship program change–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–in response to the love of Christ. In Mary’s case, even her name changed. She … Continue reading

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August 7, 2017

Battle of the Chefs: Cambodia Update and Opportunity

God continues to do big things for the children of Cambodia and Thailand, and we are blessed to have a front row seat to His work.  Specifically, 40 Cambodian and Burmese children now gather daily at the Construction of Hope Project in Bangpli, Thailand, to receive education, skills training, and discipleship. With the recent start-up of several new and exciting programs, this summer has produced a vibrant display of their unique talents and abilities. The recently-developed cooking class, for example, has not only produced many tasty treats, but it has also revealed the culinary and leadership potential in Chris, Amy, and Joseph. . As the oldest students in the program, these three young people each lead a team of mini-chefs that go head-to-head each week to see who can produce the most delicious dish. Not only does this encourage team spirit and fun competition amongst peers, but it builds relationships … Continue reading

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February 15, 2016

Come See What God Is Doing! | Cambodia Update

Enjoy this update from our Cambodia team– We praise God for the provision of a new truck for the project in Bangpli, Thailand! The truck was sold for only 55,000 baht (around $1500) by a Christian Thai man who felt led to help the church. We rejoice over the baptism of 7 children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! Having been discipled in the church for many months now, Pastor Somnang waited to baptize the children until they were all sure of their decision to follow Christ and were able to show evidence of growth in the knowledge of the Lord. The vision of these children becoming leaders of their generation is coming to fruition as they are not only each growing individually and inside their familiar community in the church but are also each actively engaged in the ministry with Pastor Somnang in reaching out to the many children living in the … Continue reading

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November 9, 2015

“… But Now I Have No Fear”

Enjoy this update from our friends in Cambodia … In July 2013, Construction of Hope had just begun sponsoring the first child, Nam Aoy, to live under the care of Pastor Somnang and the church. It was also during this summer that we led a mission team of students from our international school in Bangkok to lead a Bible school for children in the local slum community and to help with some much-needed renovations to the church in Phnom Penh. One afternoon as we were cleaning up building supplies to make room for the afternoon’s activities with the children, Nam Aoy came back from playing with the children in the local community with a little girl, who we came to know as Li Hou, trailing behind her. Li Hou’s face was badly bruised, hair matted against her face, and looked at us with pleading but yet cautious eyes. Nam Aoy … Continue reading

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August 17, 2015

Riches Found on a Construction Site!

Please enjoy this update from our friends at Construction of Hope: Man’ and ‘Nuen’ are 2 Cambodian teens who were brought to live with their parents on a construction site in Thailand. About a year ago, Man was one of a few children from the construction site who used to come to an English program we held at a local Thai church in the area on Saturdays. While we were taking Man back to the construction site after class one day, Man asked us if he could have some books. We asked him what kind of books, and he replied that any kind of book would do, because he just wanted to learn more.  After discussing possibilities with the Thai church, the pastor offered to hold Thai language classes at the church on Monday afternoons. Man and 3 other children started coming to the church to learn Thai, and, due to the students’ eagerness … Continue reading

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May 11, 2015

A Mother Finds Hope…

Please enjoy this update from Construction of Hope in Cambodia… “This past month, we have had the blessing of being able to meet a little boy we now know as Vanna, as he is now off the streets and living inside the church in Phnom Penh. When Pastor Somnang first encountered Vanna, Pastor Somnang simply prayed for the boy and offered his information to the boy’s mother, who was begging alongside him. Three months later, the mother unexpectedly showed up in Phnom Penh at the church with Vanna asking for help. Please pray for Vanna and his continued development and transition. At eight years old with little prior experience of discipline, education, and proper care, Vanna is quite a handful in the church – a bundle of rambunctious unfocused energy! Please pray that God will bring out and redeem his unique talents and gifts and also give grace and wisdom … Continue reading

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March 16, 2015

Ensuring the Forgotten are Found

CAMBODIA UPDATE: Please enjoy this update from Construction of Hope in Cambodia… “Just over a year and a half ago, God rescued Li Hou and brought her into the refuge of the church. Shortly afterwards, Pastor Somnang and a team from the church visited Li Hou’s village and came in contact with many of her extended family members and friends. (See rescue-more-children for the full story on our website.) Earlier this month, Pastor Somnang and a team from the church were visiting families in the nearby slum community behind the church and came across one of Li Hou’s cousins, Khjong, from Takeo Province who had recently been moved to Phnom Penh. Khjong’s mother had died from Tuberculosis, and Khjong was living outside on a mat without shelter with some extended relatives Pastor Somnang and Om Sara talked with Khjong’s uncles and invited her to come and live in the church … Continue reading

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