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June 13, 2018

Who Loves? A Book (Series) Review + Giveaway!

Children in foster care typically have many people moving in and out of their lives. This revolving door can lead children to believe that nobody loves them. … And if we’re honest, it’s hard to blame them. Introducing the Who Loves? series. The Forgotten Initiative, a foster care ministry of Lifesong, is committed to showing Jesus to the one who feels forgotten. Having worked alongside thousands of foster children, foster care advocates, churches, and families–they sensed a gap in communication and chose to fill it with a delightful set of books for children. But behind the books’ simplicity is a critical and strategic message. Foster-turned-adoptive mom Jami Kaeb recently created a series of picture books designed specifically to give children a hope-saturated perspective on the people they interact with while they are in foster care. Each of the 3 books in the series has this message: You are worthy. You are loved. And we … Continue reading

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November 17, 2017

25 Kids Books About Adoption

Sometimes reading books with our children allows us to say things in unique or helpful ways. Here are 25 adoption-related books for children. Hint: If you want to preview the book before you buy or borrow it, search for it on YouTube. Often, the book has been read by someone there. 1. A Blessing from Above: Little Golden Book (Patti Henderson) Every night before she goes to sleep, a kangaroo prays under the stars for a baby to love and hold. One day, as she rests under a tree, a baby bird falls out of its crowded nest—plop!—right into her pouch! 2. A Mother for Choco (Keiko Kasza) Choco wishes he had a mother, but who could she be? He sets off to find her, asking all kinds of animals, but he doesn’t meet anyone who looks just like him. He doesn’t even think of asking Mrs. Bear if she’s his mother-but then she … Continue reading

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April 9, 2014

5 Foster Care & Adoption-Friendly Books for Children

As mothers and fathers of children who have come into homes through adoption and foster care, you know there are unique needs and challenges in raising sweet souls from hard places. How do you begin to explain to their little hearts both the beauty & pain of adoption? Kids, curious by nature, tend to ask the tough questions. Why the grass is green? or What air is made out of? Soon they will want to know where they came from. This is the moment for many parents where they must carefully decide how to explain the birds and the bees. But for parents of children who have been adopted or have been in foster care, these questions have a deeper and more complex meaning. If you have been talking with your child(ren) from the start about how they were chosen for your family or are about to have that first … Continue reading

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