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February 29, 2016

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund This Year

Tax season is upon us, and in addition to the inevitable appointment with the accountant (or in many cases, the home computer and a bottle of Advil), comes the age old question– What should we do with our tax refund this year? Certainly many good options exist–a boost to your savings account or a trip to somewhere warm–but this year we’d like to invite you to consider using your tax refund to help others in need. With the average tax refund hovering near $3,000, imagine the good that could be done with a fraction of that money. Here are some brief ideas: Sponsor a child Create or contribute to an adoption matching grant Subsidize a micro-business loan Providing us with a matching grant, Lifesong blessed us so that we could be a blessing to Kade and his birthmom and family.–Garrett and Hollie Here at Lifesong we have a long list … Continue reading

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January 4, 2016

See How Your Giving Impacted Lives in 2015!

Once again, we are humbled by God’s goodness. What you see below is not just an impressive collection of numbers, though we stand in awe of everything God has done. More than that, the statistics below reflect an unwavering commitment to vulnerable children and families around the world, as well as an unapologetic passion for sharing the gospel and love of Jesus. Thank you for taking part in this mission. Here’s what your prayers and gifts have done–  So, again–from the bottom of our hearts–thank you. And since there is still work to be done, we ask you to continue praying for the fatherless and donating to the projects that reach them with the hope of the gospel.

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October 21, 2015

Announcing a $750,000 Match!

Can you imagine what $750,000 could do for orphans and vulnerable children and families around the world? $750,000 could provide 700 matching grants for adopting families in the U.S., or it could supply food, education, and discipleship for over 5,000 orphaned and vulnerable children. It could send 15,000 children to camp to learn about Jesus, or it could help preserve 1,100 families around the globe who want to stay together but don’t have the resources to do so. $750,000 could do untold good for the kingdom of God. So imagine with us what $750,000 could do as a match! Because of generous donors who believe in the mission of Lifesong, we have a chance to raise $1.5 million for orphans and vulnerable children and families between now and December 31st. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. Every penny matters in this match. Every dollar and every prayer is needed and appreciated. Over … Continue reading

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May 13, 2015

Growing from 5 to 11

Michael and Suzanne say they’re just an ordinary family. They help out with homework, share family dinners, and try to keep their schedule straight. While this ordinary family started out with three children, God has been leading them on an adventure… Through a study of Isaiah, God spoke to Suzanne through His Word, piercing her heart to “seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” (Isaiah 1:16-17) This was the start of a four-year journey leading Suzanne and her husband, Michael, to Ethiopia 3 separate times to adopt 6 precious children.   How in the world could they afford this?   Through the love, support, and generosity of their local orphan ministry, they received matching grants through Lifesong to help fundraise to meet the financial cost of each adoption. The dollar-for-dollar matching grants acted as a catalyst, encouraging others to give, while raising awareness of … Continue reading

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November 5, 2014

For Giving’s Sake

    GIVING.FOR GIVING’S SAKE. What if we gave because giving shows love…and love gives purpose? Purpose to our lives and purpose to the lives our gift benefits. We invite you to join us this year in giving a Gift of Purpose. Giving for the sake of giving…not getting. Until December 31st, your gift will be MATCHED up to $300,000! A gift that gives opportunities to share the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children around the world.  Gifts like… the gift of DISCIPLESHIP the gift of ADOPTION Mangos for Christmas Become part of the solution to help Ukraine’s teens. $150 gives mentorship & housing for 1 month Help families through creative adoption funding. $500 helps provide an Adoption Matching Grant Children’s book of a young girls first Christmas gift. $16 – Buy your copy today (while supplies last)!  “We love because HE first loved us.”1 John 4:19

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April 2, 2014

Why It’s Important to Have a Will…

  Every adult should have a will to provide for their family and loved ones upon their death. Otherwise, state law will determine how assets are distributed — and that might not be in accordance with your wishes and sometimes creates extra expenses and taxes. Establishing a will not only allows you to have the control over how your assets will be handled, but it also gives you the ability to extend your Christian stewardship beyond your lifetime. Whether that is providing for special family needs, business decisions or directing money towards Kingdom purposes. Every good estate plan begins with a will but each individual plan will vary according to specific situations. Contact your estate-planning attorney to find out how your estate could benefit from proactive planning. To learn more about Planned Giving, contact Andrew Gerber at 309.747.4546.  Or learn from the highly recommended financial advisors at The National Christian Foundation & Everance. “One … Continue reading

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February 10, 2014

Leaving a Legacy {Planned Giving}

When it comes to charitable giving, most of us think in terms of giving cash to our favorite charities. This is ironic because according to the IRS, a person’s net worth is made up of about 10% cash and 90% non-cash assets. What if we could give more to charity without having to drastically change our personal lifestyle expenses? What if we could take advantage of planned gifts even before we pass away? You can! It’s called asset-based giving. You can do this through organizations such as the National Christian Foundation (NCF, By donating non-cash assets such as stocks, real estate, or business interest before the sale, you can: Reduce taxes. Save more. Give more to Kingdom work. In a recent interview, Lifesong Board Member, Bob Hoerr commented, “I want to encourage anybody who is thinking about how best they will leave a legacy for the work of the … Continue reading

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