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Family Fund Reports

Please note the following “blackout” periods:

  • Adoption Expenses: From Wednesday, 5/29 through Tuesday, 6/4 adoption expenses will not be paid out until after the transition is complete.   
    • Urgent Expense Requests: Email any urgent adoption expenses by Monday, 5/27 11:59 pm CST and follow it up with a phone call to your Family Account Manager (309-747-4517) notifying me of the urgent request. 
  • Adoption Donations: There will be delays in donation processing during the first week of June. All donations (by check and online) will be received throughout this period; however, there will be a brief lag in recording them.
  • Family Fund Reports: Family fund reports will be accessible during this period; however, you will see no further updates after 5/31/19. We will be sending an email the first week in June with an updated link to your NEW AND IMPROVED family fund report where all updates following 5/31/19 will be reflected.

Families with an adoption fund account with Lifesong have access to an online family fund report. Please log in to your account to view your family fund report.

Have a question about your family fund report? Check out our frequently asked questions.

If you need something urgently, please call the Family Account Manager at 309.747.4517 between 8 am – 4 pm CST.

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