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Ukraine Sustainable Business

Lifesong Farms-Ukraine

To create a sustainable business for our work in Ukraine, Lifesong has partnered with Plant Sciences, Inc. to develop strawberry farms at our Camp location.

Since our first year in 2011, the berries and their production and harvest has improved each year.  They are now being sold to some of the top local grocery stores in Ukraine. The buyers have been very impressed with the strawberry’s excellent shelf life, the mid-to-large size of the berry, sweet taste, glossy look, and nice aroma.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.29.00 AM
Watch the strawberry harvest at Lifesong Farms-Ukraine

Denis, Lifesong Ukraine Director, shared, “All of the retailers are asking about the name of variety (of the berry), most of them never seeing such a great combination of berry qualities in one product!

It’s been amazing to watch the opportunities agriculture has provided for our graduates as we point them towards a hopeful future.

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Ukraine Nursery

The Ukraine Nursery idea was created by two of our graduates, one of which went to school for landscape and agriculture. In effort to promote opportunities for these two young men, Andre and Sergey, and also to foster sustainability for Lifesong Ukraine, this nursery business was created.

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