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Lifesong is serving the people of Zambia by utilizing the land that is much like the people, so full of potential. Lifesong Farms-Zambia, with the support of Plant Sciences, Inc., has begun growing strawberries and selling them to local grocers.

The fruit harvesting provides the gift of a job and self worth to an orphan’s caregiver, which enables us to serve more orphans. We are also able to provide future employment for our kids as they transition into adult living. 

It’s been amazing to watch the opportunities agriculture has provided for these caregivers as we point them and their families towards a hopeful future.


This process of agriculture has continued developed expertise that can be replicated in multiple countries where Lifesong serves and is a system to raise funds to help fund operational costs. Most of all, we are seeking to glorify Jesus as we teach others how He walked.


Join the work:

    • Strawberries in Zambia

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  • Donations toward Lifesong Farms-Zambia help cover farm costs such as tractors, canter trucks, equipment and other expenditures. 
  • Learn about current capital projects. 

Current update: Tunnels up at Lifesong Farms-Zambia to help support year-round crops:

tunnel1 tunnel3

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